Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Subscribe to new bugs reported to JIRA

If you have a project and your users are used to submitting JIRA tickets with feature requests and bugs, it might look like a good idea to monitor such bugs and act fast when a critical bug occurs. What I was missing for a long time was a feature that will notify me about new bugs without me checking the JIRA web page few times a day. And this is when JIRA search filters come in handy.

You can set up a filter such as this one by going to an advanced search and typing something similar to "project = your_project_name AND type = bug AND created >= -1h". This will find all bugs that were created in project name "your_project_name" in the last hour. Now you need to save your search through a Save as button and give it a name. And you have just created a filter!

If you go through a main menu Issues -> Manage filters you should be able to see your filter here. Through a subscription you might add a new subscription, select advanced and put "0 0 0/1 * * ? *" into the text field. This is telling JIRA to trigger sending an email every hour for this filter - so every hour you'll get a email with new bugs from your project. Enjoy!


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